Midway Cafe on 2.7.20; Jamaica Plain, MA


The Jungle on 1.11.20; Somerville, MA
Club Bohemia on 12.21.19; Cambridge, MA
Koto on 11.16.19; Salem, MA
Ralph’s Rock Diner on 10.10.19; Worcester, MA
Midway Cafe on 9.28.19; Jamaica Plain, MA
Ralph’s Rock Diner on 9.7.19; Worcester, MA
Bowery Electric on 8.4.19; New York, NY
Desmond’s Tavern on 8.3.19; New York, NY
Maggy’s Lounge on 7.25.19; Quincy, MA
Midway Cafe on 7.6.19; Jamaica Plain, MA
The Footlight Bar on 6.16.19; Queens, NY
The Jungle on 5.28.19; Somerville, MA
Middle East on 5.11.19; Cambridge, MA
Ralph’s Rock Diner on 5.10.19; Worcester, MA
Wonder Bar on 4.30.19; Allston, MA
Dover Brickhouse on 4.12.19; Dover, NH
Midway Cafe on 3.31.19; Jamaica Plain, MA
Club Bohemia on 3.28.19; Cambridge, MA
Maggy’s Lounge on 3.23.19; Quincy, MA
Ralph’s Rock Diner on 3.2.19; Worcester, MA
Koto on 2.9.19; Salem, MA
Ralph’s Rock Diner on 1.24.19; Worcester, MA
Midway Cafe on 1.11.19; Jamaica Plain, MA
ONCE Ballroom on 12.29.18; Somerville, MA
Middle East Downstairs on 12.8.18; Cambridge, MA
Midway Cafe on 11.3.18; Jamaica Plain, MA
Koto on 9.8.18; Salem, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 8.17.18; Somerville, MA
Chrome on 8.10.18; Waterford, NY
P.A.’s Lounge on 7.21.18; Somerville, MA
Dover Brickhouse on 7.6.18; Dover, NH
Midway Cafe on 6.30.18; Jamaica Plain, MA
Club Bohemia on 6.15.18; Cambridge, MA
O’Brien’s Pub on 6.4.18; Allston, MA
Music Clubhouse Fundraiser on 4.20.18; Methuen, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 4.13.18; Somerville, MA
Thunder Road on 2.22.18; Somerville, MA
The 900 Club on 2.17.18; Syracuse, NY
Sammy’s Patio on 1.27.18; Revere, MA
Midway Cafe on 12.6.17; Jamaica Plain, MA
Hard Rock Cafe on 11.10.17; Boston, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 9.28.17; Somerville, MA
Thunder Road Music Club on 9.11.17; Somerville, MA
Arlene’s Grocery on 9.2.17; | New York, NY
Racks Bar & Grill on 8.25.17; Plaistow, NH
Chit Chat Lounge on 7.27.17; Haverhill, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 7.12.17; Somerville, MA
Midway Cafe on 6.13.17; Jamaica Plain, MA
SPH Band Contest on 5.27.17; Somerville, MA
Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub on 5.15.17; Cambridge, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 4.8.17; Somerville, MA
Jewel on 3.25.17; Manchester, NH
Out of the Blue Too on 3.10.17; Cambridge, MA
Midway Cafe on 1.31.17; Jamaica Plain, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 12.3.16; Somerville, MA
Out of the Blue Too on 11.25.16; Cambridge, MA
Midway Cafe on 10.5.16; Jamaica Plain, MA
Midway Cafe on 8.31.16; Jamaica Plain, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 8.13.16; Somerville, MA
O’Briens Pub on 3.13.16; Allston, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 3.3.16; Somerville, MA
McGann’s Irish Pub on 1.22.16; Boston, MA
O’Briens Pub on 10.27.15; Allston, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 10.24.15; Somerville, MA
P.A.’s Lounge on 8.12.15; Somerville, MA